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Generic Viagra and Brand Viagra prices.

BuyCheapGenericViagra.com is an onlineguide on Viagra and its related issues. We are here to provideyou an insight into the advantages and disadvantages ofusing the history's most popular sexual disorder treatmentdrug. Further our articlesarchive will also provide you the most in-depthand detailed comparison of the branded and Generic Viagra.

Most of the online pharmacies selling generic drugs claimtheir products to be better than the original makes, however,we do not make any such claims and after years of researchin the field of medicine we do notprescribe the Generic Viagra over the original brand.

We are promoting Pfizer's original drug through this site,however it is very important to understand that the original brand is a very expensive drug and everybody can not afford it, our site therefore also providesan opportunity to those who cannot buy the original branddue to its high price.

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About Viagra

SildenafilCitrate also commonly known as Viagra, is approved by theFDA for treatment of male impotence. Sildenafil Citrate isthe generic name for brand names like Caverta, Silagra, Kamagraand Penegra. The medicine comes in tablets of 25mg, 50mg,and 100mg.

Sildenafil Citrate is used for the treatmentof male sexual function problems (erection problems). Oneof the most common problem amongst men is erectile dysfunction(ED), also known as Sexual Impotence, the inability of thepenis to become rigid, or stay erect long enough to completethe sexual act. However Sildenafil Citrate does not cureerectile dysfunction and neither does Sildenafil Citrateyou or your partner from getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sildenafil Citrate belongs to a group ofmedicines that delay the enzymes called phosphodiesterasesfrom working too quickly. The penis is one of the areaswhere these enzymes work. Sildenafil Citrate enlarges thearteries in the penis, which causes the small spaces inthe penis to be filled by blood, which hardens the penis.Once the penis is hard the blood flow is restricted by thecompressed veins. Erection is caused by the filing of bloodin the spaces.

Advantages of Viagra

Thechemical name of Viagrais SildenafilCitrate. It is blue in color and is used orally to treat theimpotency found commonly in men. Impotence is also known aserectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction males becomeunable for the achievement or maintenance of an erection thatis necessary for the sexual activity. Impotence also meansthe inability of males to achieve an erection when they feelsexual stimulation and it also includes the loss of erectionbefore the process of ejaculation.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haveapproved
Viagraas a prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.With the help of Viagra, men become able to have and maintainan erection for the time period that is necessary for theoccurrence of sexual intercourse and satisfaction.

By taking Viagra, men feel sexual stimulation that leads tothe erection.
Viagrais the beginning of a new sexual revolution that will helpmen with the added sexual attention. Viagra is not used onlyfor the treatment of erectile dysfunction but is also foundvery helpful for the psychological causes of erectile failure.

Women are also found to use Viagra; they have felt the sensationof openness and warmth. This may be due to the flow of bloodtowards the pelvic area that gives women a wonderful responsefor the genital stimulation and a satisfactory intercourse.

Things you have to know about erectile dysfunction.

When you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as impotence, that means you have a trouble getting or keeping an erection long enough for having sex. It happens when your penis doesn't get sufficient blood flow when you're aroused sexually.

Impotence might not be the same for all individuals. Some men are not capable to obtain an erection altogether. Some may obtain an erection, but it isn't hard enough for having sex, and other individuals get a firm erection but are losing it before or pending sexual intercourse.

What is the reason of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a medicinal condition that might happen at any age, but is more usual in those older than sixty five. Erectile dysfunction could also be resulted by a health condition, lifestyle cause or psychological trouble.

Lifestyle issues and ED

Particular lifestyle issues can augment your risk for having impotence. That includes things, like: smoking, having excess weight, consuming too much alcohol, not having physical activity, and taking recreational drugs, like heroin, cocaine or marijuana.

Erectile dysfunction and psychological troubles

Some males with erectile dysfunction can have a personal or emotional issue, including: seeming depressed, being stressed because of work or family conditions, uneasiness about sexual competence, probably due to a poor sexual experience or due to a previous erectile dysfunction occurrence, and having some troubles in relationship.

Erectile dysfunction and some conditions

Poor levels of the testosterone (male hormone) may diminish your longing for sex and influence your erection capability. Low testosterone levels are usual in individuals with type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure may induce damage to your veins resulting in lessened bloodstream to your penis. Nervous system confusions, like apoplexy, Parkinson’s sickness, multiple sclerosis and spinal-cord damages, may also augment your risk for erectile dysfunction. These circumstances can impede nerve signals between your brain and your penis.

Diabetes may higher your risk for erectile dysfunction as well. If not administered good enough, high blood sugar might injure veins and nerves in the penis. High blood cholesterol may result in narrowing of your penis's veins. Pelvic area damage or surgery may injure veins and nerves that are going to your penis. This occurs most frequently following particular kinds of prostate surgery. But, anyway, around 80 percent of individuals have success treating erectile dysfunction, or impotence. So, don't lose heart!

YourSecrecy is Our Priority

Men may feel ashamed of going to a doctor for their Erectile Dysfunction or buying Viagra from a pharmacist. With our discreetpackaging your nosy neighbors will never find out about yoursensitive disorder.

Viagra is a prescription drug, our site allows you to getyour online prescription through our US licensed pharmacist.
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